Sunday link round-up – 27.03.16

Someone on my Twitter feed last week said that Easter is the best of all the holidays, because you get two bank holidays and a good chunk of time off work, but there are none of the big meal/happy family time/board game expectations of Christmas. I thought it was a very astute observation indeed!


I hope you’re having a lovely Easter break and stuffing your face with as much chocolate as one human can physically handle, because I believe that’s what it’s all about?

This is what I’ve been enjoying on the internet this week…

  • I always enjoy Desert Island Disks and I caught this one on Friday, in which the castaway is the amazing writer and feminist Gloria Steinem, who was an advocate for reproductive rights (among other things) long before it was socially acceptable. She sounds like a wonderful person and she made some great musical choices too!
  • Megan of Twenty-something Travel wrote about swimming with manatees in Florida, which sounds like a lot of fun – I’ve always wanted to swim with whales in the wild and this may have to go on the bucket list too.
  • Victoria Coren-Mitchell hit the nail on the head with this opinion piece about how there’s no grey area with child abuse
  • On a lighter note, this clay cactus bud vase on A Beautiful Mess is very cute and I’d love to try something similar.
  • And a recent dalliance with beautifully buttery pearl barley in Marrakech has inspired me to try using it in more dishes – starting with this delicious looking pearl barley and roasted beetroot salad from Amuse Your Bouche.